October 13, 2022

How to Identify and Treat Common Maryland Lawn Diseases

When you’re performing lawn maintenance, it’s easy to notice weeds growing. However, some lawn issues like disease are more challenging to spot. Many lawn diseases can emerge suddenly and without warning based on animal activity, changes in weather, or alterations to your lawncare routine. Here are some of the best ways to identify and treat lawn diseases on your Maryland turf.

Red Thread

Red thread is a lawn disease that looks similar to thin, red threads that are coming out from grass blades. This happens most often when there are periods of damp, cool weather between 59-77 degrees. It can happen in the spring or in the fall during hurricane season. As the disease worsens, the patches on your lawn will grow and make portions appear pink or pale red in color. To take care of this, you will typically introduce a nitrogen-rich fertilizer to improve the health of the turf.


You might associate rust with metal lawn and garden equipment, but a type of rust can also form on the lawn. It appears like yellow-orange spores that sit on the surface of the grass blade. These spores can transfer to your clothing or shoes if you walk across the lawn. Rust thrives when the outdoor temperature is between 50-60 degrees, and it spreads most successfully when there are at least 10 hours of moisture or dew sitting on the grass.

Powdery Mildew

Powdery mildew is a very common lawn disease, and it hurts the health of your lawn through the grass blades themselves. You will probably notice this disease if your grass has lighter spots or white patches. It appears similar to how your lawn might look if you sprinkled flour across the surface. Powdery mildew thrives in parts of the yard that have poor air circulation or that are shady.

Brown Patch

One of the most common summer lawn diseases in Maryland is brown patch. This disease manifests like brown-yellow patches that are circular and scattered across the lawn. Brown patch is less common in the fall, as temperatures start to drop below 68 degrees, but you might still have lingering damage from the summer.

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