June 22, 2017

Keep Your Flowers Blooming: Summer Yard Maintenance 101

Summer is the warmest time of year to work outside, but it’s also prime growing season for many of the plants in your yard. In order to keep your landscaping in beautiful condition all summer long, you should commit to touching up the work that you did at the beginning of the season and completing regular maintenance tasks. Here are our best tips for tackling summer yard maintenance at your home

Pay Attention to Your Lawn

Wondering how to prevent your green, lush lawn from turning into a brown, dry lawn this summer? Follow these simple rules:

  • Know your soil composition and how your lawn reacts to water. Water will penetrate different types of soil differently, so knowing your lawn matters.
  • Pay attention to the efficacy of your lawn watering system to ensure that there are not soggy spots or dry spots in your yard.
  • Remove only 30% of your grass height at a time.
  • Alternate your mowing pattern during the summer months.

Work with Your Yard

Between summer storms and summer sun, it’s hard to keep your trees and plants looking great. Always take the time to:

  • Look for dead branches or limbs after a storm and cut them away immediately, as they are a safety hazard.
  • Prune your trees and bushes so that they continue to grow. Prune any spring-blooming shrubs once the flowers start to fade.
  • Deadhead any flowers in your yard that could bloom again to enjoy more gorgeous blooms in the remaining months of summer.
  • Touch up the mulch that you use on trees or shrubs in your yard to lock in moisture below the soil. This helps to keep plants properly watered even in the summer sun.
  • Harvest fruit and vegetable plants as they ripen. Prune them after harvesting.
  • Train vines growing in your yard by tying them or pruning them.
  • Look for any pests or insects damaging plants, trees or hardscaping in your yard and take care of them accordingly.

Get Some Help!

Ready to get some help with your summer landscape maintenance? Give JFC Grounds Maintenance a call at (410) 655-2887.