July 26, 2018

Keep Your Plants Hydrated This Summer

Watering Plants

As the temperature rises, it’s important to keep yourself hydrated to avoid heat stroke and stay healthy. The same is true for your plants, whether you have a garden full of flowers or vegetables. The same techniques you use for watering in the spring and fall won’t cut it in the summer!

Potted Plants and Container Gardens

Place potted plants in saucer trays that are filled with water so that the plants can absorb water from the bottom. Take the saucers out from underneath the pots when it rains, and if the plants aren’t absorbing the water over the course of a day, you should pour out the excess. In areas where mosquitos are common, like Maryland, it’s important to remove standing water sources from your yard!

Potted plants also benefit from drip irrigation systems. Drip irrigation consistently waters plants in your yard throughout the day. It’s easy to make or purchase a drip irrigation system, and this watering method can be used on a timer.

Perennials, Shrubs and Trees

Established plants won’t need as much TLC during the summer, and you shouldn’t even need to worry about watering them every day. As long as the plants appear to be healthy, you shouldn’t need to worry. If plants do show signs of stress (drooping, browning, leaves that are dried), you should give them a deep drink of water. Water the plants directly on top of the root ball with a slow trickle of water so that it can soak in. If you have a soaker hose, you can break it out for your perennials, shrubs and trees to give them lasting hydration without evaporation and runoff.

Vegetable Gardens

By the middle of the summer, your garden should be thriving and strong enough to withstand a brief dry spell. The most important thing is watering your vegetable garden consistently. Inconsistent watering can lead to cracking and bolting. The stress of being dehydrated can also prevent plants from flowering. During very warm periods, you should deeply water your vegetable garden 2-3 times a week. Avoid wetting the plant leaves when you water, as wet leaves can encourage disease.

Summer Yard Maintenance from JFC Grounds Maintenance

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