June 8, 2017

What May Showers Mean for Your June Maryland Landscape

According to the saying, April showers bring May flowers. This year in Maryland, May showers will be bringing them instead! Over the course of the past month, most Maryland residents received precipitation a whopping 21 out of 30 days. What does the downpour mean for your landscaping and yard projects?

Why Does Rain Delay Landscaping and Maintenance Projects?

Rainy days make it difficult to get landscaping and yard maintenance projects done. Thunderstorms cause safety concerns when working around trees and heavy rainfall completely saturates the ground. Even regular lawn care tasks, like mowing the lawn, are not possible during and immediately after rain. Wet grass is surprisingly slippery, and many homeowners and landscapers suffer injuries from tripping and falling after a downpour. Rain also stops landscapers from getting great results, as wet grass will clump, leave your yard looking patchy and clog the lawnmower.

What Can You Do for Your Landscaping During Rainy Periods?

In between visits from your landscaping professionals at JFC Grounds Maintenance, there are many ways you can care for your yard during rainy periods:

  • Walk through your garden to look for any damage to your plants including broken stems or damaged leaves
  • Stake young or fragile plants to prevent them from flopping over due to the rain
  • Don’t walk through your garden or landscaping when it is extremely saturated, as you will compress and compact the soil further
  • Note any issues with drainage or erosion to address with your landscaping company
  • Be prepared to fertilize your plants again once the rainy period ends, as a good amount of liquid and solid fertilizer can be washed away during wet months
  • Remove dead leaves and branches as soon as they appear

Rescheduling Your Yard-work

During rainy months, maintain a flexible landscaping and maintenance schedule. When work is done on wet soil and grass, it leads to more harm than good. Your JFC Grounds Maintenance professional will always contact you if your lawn maintenance or landscaping project needs to be rescheduled due to rain. Ready to get started on your lawn project now that the clouds are parting? Give JFC Grounds Maintenance a call at (410) 655-2887.