February 14, 2020

Preseason Planning for Commercial Landscaping

commercial landscaping

Winter weather might be here to stay for a bit longer, but that doesn’t mean it’s too early to start preseason planning for your commercial landscaping. Is your lawn ready for plenty of growth in the spring? Do you know what plantings you will be installing? Now is the perfect time to sit down with your commercial landscaping company, JFC Grounds Maintenance, and plan what your vision is for the coming months.

Review Last Year

If you worked with us last year, we can start by reviewing the work that we performed and anything that you would like to change for the coming year. If you skipped aeration and overseeding last year, this year you should prioritize adding it back in. If your aesthetic goals, budget or priorities have changed this year, we can come up with a new plan that adjusts to your current needs.

Updating the Budget

Depending on changes to your maintenance schedule, new services and different plantings, we will present you with an updated quote to describe what we will perform during the season. Even if the budget does not change from the previous year, you might want us to spend more time on a different part of the property. We will always discuss your needs and how they fit into your budget with you.

Setting Goals

As part of your preseason planning, we will also go over any goals that you have for your commercial property or properties. Senior living communities often have different priorities than commercial shopping centers, for example, and we can work with you to establish the best, most cost-effective way to meet your needs and expectations.

Commercial Landscaping and Maintenance from JFC Grounds Maintenance

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