September 20, 2016

Protect Your Plants as the Weather gets Cooler

Fall is coming, and with cooler temperatures and kids back in school, we look forward to getting out in our lawns and gardens to spruce things up a bit! Whether you find yard work enjoyable or prefer to have your friends at JFC Grounds Maintenance take care of things, it’s a great time of year to think about the needs of your favorite outdoor spaces.

You already know how beneficial aeration and overseeding can be in helping your lawn remain beautiful and lush throughout the seasons. Aeration alleviates soil compaction and allows for the proper circulation of air, water, and nutrients, while overseeding counteracts the natural thinning of mature grasses, and repairs lawn damage sustained during the heat of summer. Our aeration and overseeding services are beginning this month, and if you feel that your lawn could benefit from a little extra attention this fall, give us a call. Taking good care of your outdoor space ensures that it remains healthy and beautiful for years of enjoyment to come. Call early to schedule.

Fall Mulching

Fall is also the time for mulching, as gardens and trees are exposed to the first taste of colder temperatures to come. Mulching helps to reduce water loss from the soil, suppress weed growth, and keep plants safe from temperature extremes that are common this time of year, when Indian summers are as possible as freezing temperatures overnight. Mulch works as insulation, keeping roots from overheating as well as keeping them safe from the year’s first frosty mornings. Mulching is good any time of year, but especially during the transition from summer to winter, when temperatures can be sporadic and unpredictable.

The more commonly known benefits of mulching are its ability to reduce water loss, and its success in helping to suppress weed growth. Mulch prevents soil from drying out as quickly, meaning you can get away with watering less often, and your plants will be protected from longer stretches without precipitation. Mulching also saves you time in the fall by working to smother weeds, so you can cut down on the time you would normally spend pulling them. While there is never a bad time to mulch, doing so in the fall gives your plants a little extra support during a time of year with notoriously unpredictable temperatures and weather patterns.