July 9, 2020

Why Pruning Matters for Commercial Landscapes

pruning hedges

Pruning is an essential part of commercial grounds maintenance, as it ensures that trees and shrubs remain healthy and lowers the risk of property damage due to branches and debris falling. Why is pruning so critical for commercial landscapes?

The Importance of Pruning for Commercial Landscapes

When it comes to your landscape and grounds, what do you think about? Many business owners pay the most attention to their lawn and turf, but not monitoring and maintaining the shrubs and trees with pruning can lead to problems that affect the entire property.

Pruning allows plants to grow symmetrically, attractively and promotes the growth of new flowers and leaves. Trees and shrubs that are pruned professionally and regularly will also have denser foliage. Pruning also helps to get rid of dead, dying and diseased portions of trees and shrubs so that nutrients can reach the healthy parts of the plant and provide as much nourishment as possible.

Finally, pruning can eliminate safety hazards from your property. Overgrown shrubs, trees and bushes can block pathways and walkways. Any trees with dead or dying branches could shed them at any moment, which presents a tremendous hazard to your employees and guests.

Why You Need Professional Pruning

You should never attempt to DIY pruning at your commercial property, or you risk doing serious damage. Depending on the tree or plant, you might need to prune aggressively or with a light touch. A professional knows how and when to prune different types of plant matter, as well as how to handle any difficulties during the process, like a power line intersecting your tree. JFC Grounds Maintenance is always here to help.

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