May 19, 2016

More Rain Means More Mowing

We have all heard the old saying “April showers bring May flowers.” However, we are well into May and it’s still raining. What will this mean for your lawn, and how can you care for it in the face of this rainier than usual weather? Read on to get a handle on your lawn in the face of this inclement weather.

It’s no secret that different weather conditions have different affects on lawns. From cold weather, to dry weather, to humid weather, to windy weather, all have different effects on the heath, growth, and longevity of your lawn. In fact, rain in excess has a particular effect on lawns. Healthy lawns require regular watering in order to maintain their health and life, and this excess rain can mean that your lawn will grow much faster than usual.

While a lush and beautiful lawn is ideal, an overgrown lawn can quickly become unwieldy. We have all seen horribly overgrown lawns, and this not only looks less than perfect, but can have adverse effects on the health of the grass itself. Certain types of grasses have an ideal length, and are prone to weakness, sickness, and breakage if you exceed that perfect length. This is why regular grass cutting is important. Keeping your eye on your lawn during times of rain and making sure you cut it at the right time is key to its continued health and beauty.

When planning out and considering your lawn care schedule, take into consideration any and all external factors. In dry seasons lawns may require more TLC and water than usual to stay beautiful, while over watering can lead to nutrient depletion and a lawn which is degraded in overall quality and health. Maintain a healthy balance for whatever type of grass you have and treat it accordingly. This will ensure a healthy and green lawn that truly makes your property shine.

Keep an eye out, not only on the length of your grass, but on its overall health as it faces usual and unusual weather conditions. While it is important not to let it get too long in the face of rain, overzealous grass cutting can have equally negative effects. This bad habit can actually permanently damage blades of grass by harming their ability to absorb nutrients. This can lead to a brown and dead lawn that is very difficult to bring back to life.

For any and all questions regarding smart year round lawn care in the face of all of the seasonal challenges, contact JFC Grounds Maintenance LLC today. We have the expertise and experience to ensure that your lawn never looks under the weather.