November 20, 2019

Are You Ready for Winter Weather?

iced branches

Winter is almost here, which means that you need to ensure your landscape is properly protected from the months of harsh weather right around the corner. With a little help from JFC Grounds Maintenance and a little time spent outdoors, you can have your landscaping prepared in the time it would take you to pick out a holiday tree!


Early Winter Landscape Maintenance


  1. Avoid walking on your lawn or grass once it has gone dormant, or if it is frozen or covered in snow. This can further pack down the ground and potentially damage the lawn.
  2. Do you have fruit trees or roses in your yard? Winter is the perfect time of year to get pruning done, as both types of plants benefit from pruning the most when they are dormant. All fruit trees and rose bushes should be pruned before spring arrives and buds start to form. A professional landscaping company can remove branches and thin them out as needed to promote excellent growth in the spring.
  3. Clean any water features and ponds in your yard. Winter care is very important for the long-term condition of your hardscaping and water features. Frost can do serious damage to sidewalks and patios as well. Keep any concrete features free from water and yard waste during the winter to avoid worsening the damage. If you need to use ice melt, make sure that you choose a mix formulated for your patio or walkway material.
  4. Do you still want to have a gorgeous landscape during the winter months? Use evergreens and elegant shaping to have an eye-catching landscape without needing to invest too much time and effort. Evergreens, ninebarks, viburnums, hydrangeas, dogwoods and forsythias can all thrive during the winter months.
  5. Remove all dead organic material from your yard, including yard debris and leaves. Make sure that you remove all dead leaves from the base of plants and bushes in your yard, as leaving it behind can lead to harmful fungi growth.


Winter Plant Care from JFC Grounds Maintenance

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