September 25, 2017

September Lawn Care 101

The weather is cooler but the days are still long, making September the best time of year to tackle lawn care tasks and ensure a vibrant and lush lawn in the spring. Many homeowners get lost in the rush of the fall and forget these crucial lawn care tasks, including aeration and over-seeding. Here is our September lawn care guide.

Remove Leaves Quickly

No homeowner particularly enjoys leaf removal, but doing so is an essential part of ensuring a healthy lawn. Dead leaves can block light from reaching the lawn and also trap moisture underneath, leading to discoloration and potential grass death. Make a habit of raking leaves as they appear to make the task go more quickly and prevent potential catastrophic lawn problems.

Aerate Your Lawn

September is the best time of year to aerate your lawn. After a summer of walking through the yard to go to the pool or playing lawn games with friends, your soil is dense and compacted. Aeration punches small holes in your lawn to allow nutrients, water and sun to reach grass roots. Aeration encourages the growth of your existing grass and can be used in conjunction with over-seeding to ensure a robust lawn in the spring. Use professional aeration services from JFC Grounds Maintenance to receive optimal results, as many do-it-yourself aerators lack the size and speed to make a true difference on your lawn.


Over-seeding works with professional aeration to grow a dense and beautiful lawn in the spring. Not only is a dense lawn nice to look at, but it’s also effective in preventing weed growth. Over-seeding will fill in any bare patches in your lawn and help to fortify the blades that are already there. September is the best time of year to over-seed because the ground is still warm and moist and nights are still frost-free. Partner with JFC Grounds Maintenance for aeration and over-seeding this fall for a lawn you will love to show off this spring.

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