August 6, 2020

The Signs of Summer Lawn Problems You Should Watch For

dry summer grass

Summer is in full swing, and many lawns are starting to show the signs of the hot days we’ve been experiencing. There are many different lawn problems that can be found on commercial and residential turf during the summer in Maryland. What are some of the signs that you should be on the lookout for?

Signs of Summer Lawn Problems

  1. Drought Stress: Grass will react to a lack of water and consistently high temperatures over the summer months through turning brown, wilting or dying. If you have a brown patch but the grass is firmly rooted and not easy to pull out, it is probably just suffering from drought. Lawns with drought stress typically have random, rough patches of brown grass and green grass underneath shady areas.
  2. Insects: Brown grass can also happen as a result of insects. If your grass slips out easily and has shallow roots when pulled, you could have a problem with white grubs. Other bugs love to eat grass blades, so your lawn might look as if it is uneven and too close to the ground.
  3. Dormancy: When there are exceptionally hot and dry periods of time, grass can become dormant as a protective reaction. As long as the grass is still getting enough moisture, the grass should remain green and the growth will merely slow. If there is no irrigation or moisture, the grass will probably turn brown.
  4. Compaction: If you park on the grass, have a pool on top of your grass much of the weekend or place a lot of pressure on parts of the lawn, it will likely become compact. Soil that is compact has a hard time getting deep roots and enough nutrition to be resilient.

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