January 23, 2020

Simple Snow Removal & Safety Tips for the Next Snowstorm

snow removal

Winter in Maryland comes alongside plenty of snow, freezing rain and ice. While our team can help with removing snow from your property, there’s a good chance you will still need to safely prepare your yard until we arrive. Here are some of our best snow removal and safety tips for the next snowstorm.

Simple Snow Removal & Safety Tips

  1. Pick up any objects, like newspapers or toys, from the sidewalk before snow starts falling. If you received a delivery during the snowstorm, you should also pick it up before plows arrive to remove your snow.
  2. Never allow your children to play in snow piles or near the road when a plow or moving vehicle is on the street. Even if they are wearing bright colors or seem obvious, it is incredibly dangerous for them to be playing or running around while big, heavy snow piles are being pushed by heavy duty equipment.
  3. When clearing off your car, try to prevent yourself from pushing snow back into areas that have already been plowed.
  4. If possible, keep any corner or edge parking spots open and empty so that our snow plows have a place to push snow.
  5. If you have a sloped roof and a great deal of snowfall, use a roof rake to take some weight off of the roof. Don’t worry about removing everything at once and instead focus on the areas you can safely reach from the ground.

Snow Removal from JFC Grounds Maintenance

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