March 6, 2019

Spring Cleaning Your Landscape

yard cleaning

Warmer weather is here, and flowers are blooming outside. It’s the perfect time to start thinking about spring cleaning your landscape! If you’re ready to get your hands dirty and start tidying up your yard, here are some of our best tips for spring cleaning your landscape.

Clean Up Your Flowerbeds

One of the first tasks you should tackle is tidying up your garden beds. Re-edging the beds adds curb appeal to your home and helps to make a distinct division between your landscape and your turf. Any yard debris, leaves and other landscape trash should be removed from the beds. If you have any fall-blooming ornamental grasses in your yard, you should cut them back before new growth begins.

Look for Winter Damage

Snow, ice, sleet, shovels and ice melt can all take a toll on your plants, trees and shrubs. Once everything in your yard is cleaned up, you should inspect your plants for any damage. Broken branches and tree limbs should be pruned or removed. Cut back perennials that were left to winter to prepare them for the spring months. If you wait too long to assess the damage and prune things back, new spring growth could become tangled up with dead plant tops and create a big mess.

Fertilize Your Plants

Organic fertilizer is a key part of ensuring lush new growth in the spring and summer months. Sprinkle fertilizer around the base of each plant, never directly on the plant. Now is also the time to apply mulch to the yard. Organic mulches have a great combination of leaves, sawdust, wood chips, shredded bark and other organic materials that nourish your plants and keep soil moist and cool during the summer months.

Trust JFC Grounds Maintenance

If you are interested in spring cleaning your landscape without lifting a finger, you can rely on our grounds keeping and gardening experts. Ready to get your yard in excellent shape? Give JFC Grounds Maintenance a call today at (410) 655-2887.