December 17, 2019

Taking Care of Your Landscape During the Winter

winter storm

Just like you kick the humidifier on to keep your home comfortable during the winter and start wearing a coat to keep yourself warm, you should also change the way that you treat your landscape during the winter. What tasks should you complete before and after the onslaught of ice and snow this winter?

Do It Now

If you haven’t completed all of your end-of-fall maintenance tasks, now is the time to complete them.

  • Remove all lawn debris and leaves from your yard. These will smother your lawn and prevent the growth of new grass, or even potentially kill your lawn!
  • Check the length of your grass to make sure that it is 2-2.5 inches long. This protects all new grass growth by reduces the amount of grass available to attract pests and wildlife.
  • Apply mulch to the base of shrubs, plants and trees to protect the growth and insulate the plant as much as possible during the winter. Use a 2-inch layer of mulch to help prevent moisture loss and keep the soil temperature as steady as possible.
  • Tie any branches that are thinner or new growth together to help reduce the burden of snow on them. Completely remove any tree limbs that hang over your roof or that are damaged or diseased.

After the Snow Falls

  • Never shake snow or ice off of tree branches after a snowfall. This often causes more damage to delicate branches than letting the snow or ice melt. It’s best to let everything melt and reassess any damage after the fact.
  • Remove any damaged branches and wood as quickly as possible after snow. Make sure that you make clean cuts on any limbs or branches to reduce the chances that disease or insects will enter through that vulnerable area.
  • Be careful when you use shovels or snow blowers to remove snow from your landscape. Never dump snow or ice into shrubs or plants, as this can place more pressure on them. Before a snowstorm, mark off delicate plants and shrubs that might become covered with stakes or reflector posts so you know where they are.

Snow Removal from JFC Grounds Maintenance

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