Where You Need Mulch and Why


Mulch is an essential element of any spring or summer landscape. It works hard to lock in soil moisture, keep weeds from sprouting, keep the soil cool enough for growth and give your garden beds major curb appeal. Whether you choose compost, shredded bark, grass clippings or shredded leaves for […]

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Taking Care of Your Lawn This Summer

watering lawn

Even if you rely on JFC Grounds Maintenance for your summer lawn maintenance, you will still need to take care of watering it in between visits. While your neighbors might have sprinklers kicking on multiple times a day, many lawns end up suffering due to over-watering. We’re here to help! […]

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Controlling Weeds in Your Yard this Spring


Warm weather, plenty of sunshine and a healthy drizzle of rain mean one thing for your yard—weeds! Maintaining a healthy lawn and thriving garden beds isn’t easy when weeds pop up overnight. Thankfully, when you work with the professionals at JFC Grounds Maintenance and put in a little elbow grease, […]

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Why Every Homeowner Should Mulch in the Spring


The smell of mulch goes hand in hand with warmer weather and springtime. Homeowners and business owners throughout Maryland add a fresh coat of mulch to trees, shrubs and garden beds. While you can place mulch at any point during the year and experience some positive effects, spring opens the […]

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Easy Spring Landscaping and Hardscaping Projects

spring landscape

As gorgeous afternoons and warm mornings become more common, amateur gardeners and landscape-lovers are all looking for ways to make their yard more beautiful. At JFC Grounds Maintenance, we are happy to help our customers tackle any of these spring landscaping and hardscaping projects to add some spring sunshine to […]

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The Phases of Your Garden


Do you have your spring garden planned out yet? Now that it is officially spring, many homeowners are starting to plant flowers and a variety of other gorgeous plantings to usher in warmer weather. However, you shouldn’t just plant everything all at once! There’s a science to planting the right […]

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Spring Cleaning Your Landscape

yard cleaning

Warmer weather is here, and flowers are blooming outside. It’s the perfect time to start thinking about spring cleaning your landscape! If you’re ready to get your hands dirty and start tidying up your yard, here are some of our best tips for spring cleaning your landscape. Clean Up Your […]

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What to Do After a Snowstorm


Snow can wreak havoc on your landscaping and hardscaping, especially when it falls quickly and lingers for a long time. While winter is winding down, snowstorms can stretch into the early spring in Maryland. While preparation before a snowstorm is essential to limit damage, what you do after snow falls […]

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Taking Care of Indoor and Outdoor Plants During the Winter

Indoor Plants

Winter is the toughest time of year to care for indoor and outdoor plants due to low humidity levels, harsh cold and plenty of icy precipitation. Many homeowners assume that indoor houseplants miss the brunt of winter, but delicate plants can have a tough time surviving low nighttime temperatures and […]

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The Benefits of Hiring a Snow Removal Service

Snow fell for the first time in Maryland this past week, and many residents were left digging out their cars, shoveling their driveways and waiting for the plows to take care of the streets. There’s more headed this way, too! If your commercial property or business needs a better way […]

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