Snow Days Are Around the Corner

While we haven’t experienced the full brunt of a Maryland winter yet, snow days and icy mornings are right around the corner. At JFC Grounds Maintenance, we help out residents and businesses with snow removal services during the nastiest weather months of the year. Preparing for Plowing Being prepared for […]

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How Does Curb Appeal Affect Home Value?

Curb Appeal

If you’re going to be taking advantage of the housing market soon and listing your home, it’s time to consider hiring a professional to spruce things up. Many people don’t realize the value that a professional landscaper can add to the exterior of a home until it’s too late! First […]

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Creating a Pet-Safe Landscape and Lawn

dog friendly yard

Pet owners face some unique challenges when it comes to keeping lawns, gardens and landscapes in wonderful condition. From plants that are toxic to dogs to paws that love digging up flowerbeds, creating pet-safe landscapes is tricky without help from the professionals at JFC Grounds Maintenance. Pick Sturdy Materials Use […]

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Why Does Edging Matter?


While some people enjoy a more rustic appearance to landscaping, a meticulous and crisp landscape requires edging. Edging works by creating a neat line between areas in your yard with plantings and areas that are turf. While you might not always think about edging, it’s the X-factor behind the most […]

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Is a Brown Lawn Dead?

Brown Lawn

Now is the time of year when many area homeowners stare at scorched, brown lawns and wonder if the grass is dead, dying or simply dormant. We get calls from countless homeowners who are concerned about the state of brown grass, so here are our best tips for determining why […]

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Preparing for Hurricane Season

Hurricane Season

While there are still many questions about the severity and location of Hurricane Florence’s impact, one thing is for certain—preparedness is essential to protecting your home and family. A little bit of effort before the storm arrives can drastically reduce the likelihood of your home being damaged by wind, rain […]

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Where You Need Mulch and Why


There’s a good chance that you see mulch in the gardens and landscapes wherever you go. Whether it’s adding a pop of color around the base of a tree or nourishing the plants in your yard, many gardeners know this magic material as a “gardener’s best friend.” What Is Mulch? […]

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All About Aeration

September is rapidly approaching, as is the end of the window of when you should have your lawn aerated. August and September are the ideal months for aeration, as it will prepare your yard for fall, winter and next spring. Despite lawn aeration being such a common practice, many homeowners […]

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It’s Not Too Early to Prepare Your Lawn for Next Year

aerating lawn

This summer has been filled with intense heat, high humidity and plenty of summer sun. That triple-punch of lawn-battering weather has probably left your lawn looking faded, patchy and anything but lush. If you want to reclaim the beautiful green lawn you enjoyed all spring long, aeration and overseeding are […]

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Keep Your Plants Hydrated This Summer

Watering Plants

As the temperature rises, it’s important to keep yourself hydrated to avoid heat stroke and stay healthy. The same is true for your plants, whether you have a garden full of flowers or vegetables. The same techniques you use for watering in the spring and fall won’t cut it in […]

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