May 17, 2017

When to Mow Your Lawn and What to Consider

Each day, it seems like Baltimore landscaping is coming to life with more bursts of green and pops of color. Spring has arrived and we’re loving it! If you want your lawn to join the club with thriving grass this season, it’s important to consider a few factors before your first mow.

To Mow or Not to Mow? That is the Question – Here is Your Answer

With temperatures rising and recent rain nurturing the soil, you may have noticed your grass awakening from winter dormancy. It can be tempting to want to cut the grass right away, but you should actually monitor its length closely to determine the right time for action. It is best to wait until the grass has reached a height of 2 inches to perform your lawn’s first cut of the season. Cutting grass when it is too short makes it more prone to disease and can injure its roots, spelling trouble for the season ahead.

Tips to Promote Healthy Lawn Growth in the Season Ahead

  • Level your mower and sharpen its blade to promote a clean cut
  • As aforementioned, protect the roots of your grass by mowing only when the blades have reached 4-5 inches in height
  • Never scalp your lawn! Only remove 1/3 of the grass’s length in a single mowing
  • Fertilize your grass to provide it with the boost of nutrients necessary to foster root health and promote growth in the hotter months ahead
  • Wait until the heat has slightly wilted your grass to perform the first watering
  • Water deeply, but infrequently, feeding your grass approx. an inch of water per week

Spotting Spring Dead Spot

You should note that if your grass appears to have tan, circular patches covered in thatch, it is likely suffering a spring dead spot infection. This fungal disease can have long-term detrimental effects on the beauty and health of your lawn. For help eliminating lawn disease and promoting healthy growth in the season ahead, give our landscaping professionals a call at 410-655-2887.