July 11, 2019

Where You Need Mulch and Why


Mulch is an essential element of any spring or summer landscape. It works hard to lock in soil moisture, keep weeds from sprouting, keep the soil cool enough for growth and give your garden beds major curb appeal. Whether you choose compost, shredded bark, grass clippings or shredded leaves for your mulch, putting it in the right spot is essential.

When Do You Need to Mulch?

For the best results, you should apply organic mulches at the end of spring or early summer. The soil is warm enough and the plants are typically growing and blooming, so mulch will have the best impact possible. If you are partially using mulch to deter weed growth, it’s best to put it down as soon as possible.

You should also apply mulch to new trees or shrubs after planting. In general, organic mulches like manure or compost are the best choices for newly-planted trees, shrubs or flowers thanks to the high nutrient content of organic mulches.

Where Do You Need Mulch?

You should place mulch around flowers, in your garden beds, and around trees and shrubs. When placing mulch, you should start by removing any existing mulch. Place the mulch in small piles around the plant or tree you are mulching. Rake the mulch in an even layer approximately 1-2 inches deep. You should water organic mulch immediately after laying it down to prevent it from blowing away.

Don’t place mulch too close to the foundation of your home or too close to plants! Mulch should always be tapered when it surrounds a tree or flowers to give them plenty of space to grow. If you aren’t sure where to place your mulch, you can always rely on JFC Grounds Maintenance to get the job done.

Trust JFC Grounds Maintenance

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