February 5, 2020

Winter Landscaping Services that Don’t Involve a Snow Plow

pruning buds

While snow removal might be one of the most popular services that we offer in the winter, it isn’t all that we can do! When snowflakes aren’t falling from the skies and daffodils aren’t sprouting yet, there are plenty of ways to continue maintaining your landscape and prepare for the coming seasons.

Plan Your Spring Garden

Spring might seem like a distant thought, but now is the perfect time to start planning your spring garden. JFC Grounds Maintenance can help you to design the perfect garden and landscape for your tastes, your needs and your budget. From native plantings to new hardscape features that perfectly coordinate with the rest of your yard, we can help guide you through every phase of the garden planning, installation and maintenance process.

Tackle Your Tree Care

Did you know that late winter and early spring are two of the best times to prune your shrubs and trees? Because trees and shrubs go dormant for the winter, late winter and early spring give you the chance to adjust the shape and structure of any shrubs and trees in your yard before they start growing again. It’s also often much easier to see the true shape of plants when many of the leaves are gone.

Finish Any Leftover Fall and Winter Maintenance

If you’re a snow-lover the lack of snow we’ve had might seem like a bad thing, but it makes it easy to finish any fall or winter maintenance tasks you might have left on your to-do list. Your gutters should be completely cleaned and prepared before a snowstorm or spring rains arrive. All trees should be trimmed back and no branches should be hanging over your roof. If there are still any leaves in your yard, they should be removed to prevent rotting. Now is also a great time to take care of any last-minute fertilization and plant bulbs you’d like to see bloom in the spring.

Winter Maintenance from JFC Grounds Maintenance

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