July 2, 2020

Why Your Grass Is Not Growing

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If you’re like many homeowners and commercial property owners, you know that nothing signifies summer like a lush, green lawn. Unfortunately, there are a variety of factors that can leave your lawn patchy, brown or not growing at all. Here are some of the reasons why your grass might be slowing instead of growing.

Why Your Grass Is Not Growing

  1. Water: If you are watering your lawn too much or not enough, it might not be able to grow. Make sure that you are watering your lawn deeply a few times a week and not too often. When you water for short periods of time frequently, the roots will not grow as deeply and the lawn will need to be watered more often. If you water thoroughly and less often, your grass will grow deeper roots and be better able to tolerate short periods of drought.
  2. Sunlight: One of the hardest lawn issues for many homeowners to fix is inadequate sunlight. Most types of grass need, at a minimum, six hours of direct sunlight. If you have a heavy amount of shade in your yard, it can lead to growth issues in the parts of the lawn that are most impacted.
  3. Compaction: Soil becoming compacted is very common in the spring and summer when people are walking around on the lawn, playing sports and using patio furniture on the surface. Seeds need oxygen to germinate and grow, and all grass needs enough air and nutrient content to thrive. If you have a compacted lawn, professional aeration is the best way to fix the problem.
  4. It’s Too Short: Finally, one of the most common summer grass problems is cutting the grass too short. Bad mowing habits, like cutting more than 30% of the blade off when you mow, can completely ruin your grass. That sends the grass into shock, which typically pauses growth for at least two weeks. Grass that is too short can also take a month to start growing again.

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